Last weekend I had the opportunity to go climbing in Indian Creek.  If you are a climber, you probably know it as the mecca  of crack climbing in the U.S.  I jumped at the chance.  I left Friday night for a short 2.5 hour drive into the desert.  I was meeting two people there, one friend and one soon to be friend.  My arrival was much later than they had expected.  Three message boards later (there is no cell phone service there so there are literal message boards where you can leave notes for people) and I had still not found them.  I decided to call it a night and find them in the morning.  It turns out I had parked just a few spots away from them.  We had a casual start to the day: breakfast, packing our backpacks, and a bit of lounging as the sun warmed us up.

The climbing there is a bit stout for the inexperienced crack climber, but well worth a trip nonetheless.  We climbed three routes and were ready to call it a day.  It was quite busy as it is peak season now and the sport of climbing has been increasing in popularity greatly over the past decade or more.  Our campsite was picturesque as we prepared for the evening meal and campfire.  The sky was clear, typical, as we ate and sat by the fire.  Most nights the sky is filled with stars and the milky way is commonly seen here.

The next day we did not climb, but hiked up to a wall which had some indian ruins nearby.  I needed the rest as much as I wanted to climb.  I’ve found that my body is still adjusting to the elevation and my physically demanding job.  I was happy to be there and take in the scenery.  After, we headed to Moab for some grub.  The place I had in mind to eat was not open, so we settled for a burger/beer joint that hit the spot.  Late Sunday afternoon I said goodbye and headed back.  It was awesome to reconnect with a friend from MI and meet a new one who lives here in CO.


2 thoughts on “Crack

  1. Ellie Goolsby says:

    Looking forward to seeing you again on our next trip!

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